Diamond Dog Activity Centre

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Your Dog’s Very Own Activity Centre

At Diamond Dog Activity Centre in Salisbury South, South Australia, we provide personal, professional and loving care to the dogs entrusted to us each day. Instead of leaving your dog all alone at home, you can bring him or her to our facility where everything is fun, happy, and supervised.

Your dog can come to our centre for the day, they stay and play and receive lots of love and care. They will spend their day, exercising, trying out the toys or playing with different dogs and saying hello to our team. Our goal is to create a friendly environment where dogs can relax and at the same time, enjoy the company of others. Your dog will be cared for just like a precious gem.

A Day Filled With Activities

At Diamond Dog Activity Centre the activities we conduct are designed to encourage your pooch to be happier, and friendlier with everyone. Check out the different activities we offer:

Day Care

During your dog’s stay our team will ensure that your dog is safe and supervised during all the activities and exercises. Throughout the day there are 3 main phases of human interaction where everyone encouraged to play gently and have some rest. On arrival the dogs are carefully introduced and have the chance to play and enjoy each others company. While this period is about the dogs getting to know each other the staff monitor and manage their time together to ensure we don't have any playground bullies.  After a few hours and then a designated rest period it is time for playtime. We use balls, soft toys and frisbee's along with the bungee ropes as the team work to get the dog's heart rate up. The third activity offers mental challenges.  We use a tunnel, cavaleties (small jumps) and weaving poles to encourage our dog attendees to use their minds. The result, they go home very happy doggies after being physically and mentally stimulated.

Grooming Service

We offer a range of bundled services that suit your needs. You can book your dog for a full grooming service, or just have them brushed, clipped or bathed the decision is yours. Don't forget to ask about the discounted rate if you book your dog in for a days care, you can also have them receive a crystal clean wash for a discount of 5% off your total days cost.

Training and Education Sessions

Our team provide various educational and training sessions for both you and your dog. These activities can be arranged as a personalised individual session requested by you or a fun interactive group session arranged and offered by us. Please speak to us or send a message about your specific need and we can put together a training plan that is just right for you.

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Tuesday-Friday - 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Weekends-10:30 AM to 6:30 PM

COMING SOON- Open Activity Sessions

These sessions are not available just yet as the outdoor park is still being established

Stay tuned we will announce when its ready.

Open activities are a little like a dog park, only with a LOT more etiquette.

If you are concerned about the dog park poor behaviours and are looking for somewhere safe to let your dog play and meet other dogs then you are welcome to bring them to one of the open activity sessions at the activity centre . For a small hourly fee, you can have some fun letting them use our indoor and outdoor facilities. Of course you will be responsible for supervising their play and cleaning up their poop.

*To ensure safety at all times numbers will be restricted bookings will be essential.